About us

The PON Valu.E Project was conceived and implemented by INVALSI researchers specialised in expert school evaluation and self-evaluation. The Research Group includes INVALSI researchers from the Innovation and Development Research Area and several Consultants engaged in research activities aimed at disseminating scientific knowledge.

Research Group

Donatella Poliandri

Heads the Innovation and Development Research Area (INVALSI) and the PON Valu.E Project

PhD and Senior Researcher at INVALSI. Starting in 2008, she developed and implemented various research projects aimed at building the framework, procedures and protocols that have been integrated into the National School Assessment System. She has also helped to organise and develop the related infrastructures, while supporting and innovating the assessment processes. She is Principal Investigator of the PRIN “Evaluating the School-Work Alternance: a longitudinal study in Italian upper secondary schools”, a member of the Scientific Council of the AIS (Italian Sociological Association) “Sociology of Education” Section, the Steering Committee of the AIV (the Italian Evaluation Society) and she serves as an Alternate Board Member of the Research Network “RC10 – Participation, Organizational Democracy and Self-Management” of the International Sociological Association (ISA). Her main research focuses are social research methodology, evaluation of education and school policies and educational inequalities. She regularly contributes on education and evaluation topics for scientific and outreach journals.


e-mail: donatella.poliandri@invalsi.it


Nicoletta Di Bello

Member of the Valu.E working group and sits on the editorial board of the research magazine Valu.Enews

She is a technical research associate at INVALSI where she manages events and communication processes within the Innovation and Development research area. She holds a degree in Political Science and is a freelance journalist registered with the National Order of Journalists. She has regularly published on the monthly magazine L’Attualità and sits on its Editorial Committee.


e-mail: nicoletta.dibello@invalsi.it

Ughetta Favazzi

She is a member of the Valu.E working group in charge of data collection and analysis for Valu.E for Schools

She is an INVALSI technical associate. She is a PhD candidate in Social Research Methodology and holds a Second-level university master in Sources, Tools and Methods for Social Research. She was a Researcher at CENSIS from 2012 to 2017, co-ordinating and collaborating on several research projects. Her research focuses include Mixed Methods Research, school self-evaluation and approaches to textual data analysis.

e-mail: ughetta.favazzi@invalsi.it

Letizia Giampietro

Contact person for the Valu.E for Schools research activity and coordinator of the project partners

Researcher at the INVALSI Innovation and Development Research Area and contact person for the Valu.E for Schools supporting the improvement of self-evaluation skills of schools. Her research focuses include educational policies, evaluation applications, school development and improvement, and educational and social inclusion processes.

e-mail: letizia.giampietro@invalsi.it

Angela Litteri

Member of the PON Valu.E working group

Technical research associate at INVALSI. She holds a degree in Economics, Policies and Management of Territory from the University of Catania and has monitoring and evaluation experience in the non-profit sector. Her research focuses include multi-criteria analysis and evaluation of public policies, intellectual capital and information systems in public administration, particularly in the areas of planning and accountability.

e-mail: angela.litteri@invalsi.it

Sara Manganelli

Member of the PON Valu.E working group

PhD, Researcher at INVALSI. She has worked on the IEA PIRLS, TIMSS and ICCS international comparative surveys and on national school evaluation projects. She has conducted numerous studies and published in international journals on the development of psychometric tools and the analysis of large databases using multilevel techniques and structural equation models.

e-mail: sara.manganelli@invalsi.it

Enrico Nerli Ballati

Member of the Valu.E working group, in charge of data collection and analysis for Valu.E for Schools

Enrico Nerli Ballati is a technical associate at INVALSI in the Innovation and Development Area. He holds a PhD in Methodology of Social Sciences from the Sapienza University of Rome. After graduating he conducted research as a research fellow at IRIS in Dresden and then at ISTAT in Rome. He is currently adjunct professor of the inter-university master in Methodology and Advanced Techniques of Social Research – MeTARS. His research focuses include evaluation of educational policies, school-to-work transition, educational and gender inequalities.

e-mail: enrico.nerliballati@invalsi.it



Monica Perazzolo

Member of the Valu.E for Schools working group and sits on the editorial board of the Valu.Enews research magazine

She is a researcher at INVALSI in the Innovation and Development Research Area and holds a degree in Literature and Education Sciences. She received her PhD in Social and Developmental Psychology and Educational Research from the Sapienza University of Rome. She holds a Second-level university master in Formative, Summative and Systemic Assessment. Her focus areas are assessment theory, school self-evaluation and improvement, the professional development of teachers and textual analysis.

e-mail: monica.perazzolo@invalsi.it



Giuseppe Carmelo Pillera

Member of the PON Valu.E working group

He holds a PhD and is a technical research associate at INVALSI and contract lecturer of Experimental Pedagogy at the University of Messina. He has been a research fellow at the University of Catania and Visiting Researcher at the Universidad de Sevilla. His research areas focus on e-learning and teacher training, and he has published work nationally and internationally on these topics. He has been part of university research groups and has been an external trainer and evaluator of school projects.

e-mail: giuseppe.pillera@invalsi.it

Sara Romiti

Contact person for the Valu.Egate portal and distance learning activities

INVALSI researcher for the Innovation and Development Research Area. Her research focuses include the study of professional skills for the evaluation of schools, observation of teaching and learning processes in the classroom and evaluation models adopted by different school systems. She coordinates the 3P research network for the ICSEI association, which brings together internationally engaged policy makers and education professionals. She holds a PhD in Educational Sciences from the Tor Vergata University of Rome.

e-mail: sara.romiti@invalsi.it


Mattia Baglieri

Editorial co-ordinator of the Valu.Enews research magazine and contact person for repository and translation services

He holds a PhD in Political and Social Sciences from the University of Bologna. He is a research consultant for INVALSI and has been working on disseminating scientific knowledge, public policy evaluation and the capabilities approach over many years.  He has worked for AlmaLaurea, the Giovanni Agnelli Foundation and Treccani. He was also on the editorial board of the specialist magazine Riforma della scuola.

e-mail: mattia.baglieri_ext@invalsi.it

Roberta Cristallo

Member of the editorial board of the Valu.Enews research magazine and contact person for the Valu.Egate portal supply service

She works in the field of institutional communication and scientific dissemination. She has collaborated with Professor Domenico De Masi’s chair of Sociology of Labour at the Sapienza University of Rome and has been a member of the editorial staff of several newspapers. She is currently a communications consultant at INVALSI, the Italian Ministry of Cultural (MiC) Central Institute for Catalogues and Documentation and the Italian National Research Council’s Institute of Atmospheric Pollution (CNR-IIA.)

e-mail: r.cristallo_ext@invalsi.it

Filippo Gomez Paloma

Valu.E for Schools research consultant

Full Professor of Didactics and Special Pedagogy at the Department of Education, Cultural Heritage and Tourism Sciences of the University of Macerata. A former school director, he is a senior expert and pedagogical consultant for INVALSI for the PON Valu.E project; his research interests include school self-evaluation, embodied training and teaching and special pedagogy.



Paola Bianco

Technical research associate, INVALSI

Graziana Epifani

Researcher, INVALSI

Brunella Fiore

Researcher, University of Milano-Bicocca

Francesca Fortini

Technical research associate, INVALSI

Lorenzo Mancini

Senior Data Scientist, CROS NT S.r.l

Daniela Marinelli

Administrative associate, INVALSI

Beba Molinari

Researcher, Magna Græcia University of Catanzaro

Flora Morelli

Technical research associate, INVALSI

Elisabetta Prantera

Technical research associate, INVALSI

Isabella Quadrelli

Researcher, Carlo Bo University, Urbino

Maria Ranieri

Associate Professor, University of Florence

Stefania Sette

Researcher, Sapienza University of Rome

Consuela Torelli

Research fellow, Gabriele d’Annunzio University, Chieti-Pescara

Special thanks from all the Valu.Egate working group to INVALSI colleagues Carlo Di Giovamberardino (Head of the INVALSI technological services area) and Stefano Famiglietti (Head of the INVALSI Web Sector) for constant intellectual discussion and operational support, and to the colleague Rita Marzoli (Head of the INVALSI Library and Documentation Center “Aldo Visalberghi”) for the stimuli offered on the repository. We also thank all the INVALSI colleagues of the administration.