The PON Valu.E Project Repository is a platform through which members of the scientific community that are part of the Project's research group collaborate with partners (schools, universities, national and international research associations) to access digital copies of the documents ensuing from the research activities of recent years.

Evaluation culture and skills
Cultural exchange
A meeting point for stakeholders
Access to scientific research
A bridge between research and public policy
A key reporting tool
Dissemination knowledge

The Repository is:

  • a useful tool for the outreach of evaluation culture and competences
  • a tool aimed at facilitating cultural exchange with researchers from all over the world
  • a tool that fosters collaboration with stakeholders in project activities
  • a bridge between research and public policy
  • a reporting tool at the national, European and international levels
  • a publicly accessible instrument

Our goal: a fully accessible research

Moreover, one of the many benefits of a digital repository is that open access to scientific production promotes the visibility of scientific work carried out by institutions and individuals; it also allows for indexing of articles archived in institutional repositories by search engines and improves the visibility and searchability of articles by expanding citation indexes. Open Source products can be consulted because the research group’s publications are accessible, and this may translate into further funding educational evaluation research.

Organisation of the Repository

The Repository is organised by thematic areas, classified by type of publication and potential audience of interest and each hosted document is indexed with a series of keywords taken from the TESE – The Thesaurus for Education Systems in Europe, which identify the specific subject in order to facilitate its retrieval from the repository. Developed as part of the Eurydice European institutional network, the TESE (2009 edition) is a multilingual thesaurus and the result of intensive collaboration between international experts in the various fields involved and it also constitutes an important reference tool for classifying information on education systems and policies in Europe.