The network

We have established scientific networks and fostered exchanges and dialogue with the main players driving scientific research in the fields of education and evaluation through constant dialogue at the national and international levels. The Valu.Enews Research Magazine has been promoted beyond our national borders, to twenty countries around the world, disseminating the results of the PON Valu.E project.  It is mainly the articles published in English that have made this possible, as they are targeted to an audience of associates belonging to the main universities, who focus on evaluation and educational effectiveness.

Research activities have been presented in various scientific fora including the AIV, the Italian Evaluation Society; the AIS (Italian Sociological Association), the International Congress for School Effectiveness and Improvement (ICSEI); the Standing International Conference of Inspectorates (SICI); the European Sociological Association (ESA); the International Sociological Association (ISA); the International Teacher Education Forum; the European Educational Research Association (EERA); the Italian Society of Educational Research (Sird) and the European Network for Social Policy Analysis (Espanet).

The Feltrinelli Foundation included the members of the Valu.Enews editorial team among the 30 best experts and researchers in the field of educational and digital competences (INVALSI’s Communication entitled Promoting Dissemination of Processes and Outcomes of Educational Research to Enhance Responsible Citizenship: Insights from INVALSI’s Research Magazine Valu.Enews). The Italian Evaluation Society (AIV) also honoured with a special mention the INVALSI’s development of the Valu.Enews’ activities, a quarterly periodical for the scientific dissemination of the results of the PON Valu.E project focusing on expert evaluation. The Giunta Centrale per gli Studi Storici di Roma (Central Council for Historical Studies of Rome), which is part of the Ministry of Cultural Heritage and Activities, has recognised the digital dissemination tools proposed by the PON Valu.E project as instruments capable of encouraging in-school dialogue on the right to education. The initiative of the project researchers to exchange views with entities that are mindful of the quality of the educational and evaluation system of Italian schools has resulted in the further diversification of stakeholders and the public and private partners working on the project.

The main entities the PON Valu.E Project cooperates with are:

International associations

  • EERA – European Educational Research Association
  • ESA – European Sociological Association
  • ESPANET – European Network for Social Policy Analysis
  • ICSEI – International Congress for School Effectiveness and Improvement
  • IFTE – International Teacher Education Forum
  • SICI – Standing International Conference of Inspectorates

National associations

Valu.E Partners and affiliates