Valu.Egate collects all the PON Valu.E. Project’s activities. The website provides Italian and international researchers and educators with a series of useful functions.

Valu.E for Schools

The Valu.E for Schools research action involves 90 schools throughout the country divided into 2 samples of 45 schools, each representing the intervention and control units of the project. Three partner entities specialised in the field and coordinated by INVALSI provide the support and training. Each of these operates in one of the different territorial macro-areas of our country, i.e. the North, the Centre and the South and the Islands.


The Valu.Elearn distance learning platform was designed for teachers, school principals and all those interested in evaluation processes who wish to learn more about educational culture and how school evaluation allows for its verification and improvement.


The repository of the PON Valu.E project, RicercAperta, is a platform that collects the work produced by the members of the scientific community that are part of the Project Research Group, including work produced in recent years in collaboration with universities, schools, national and international research associations. This work is publicly accessible, including in electronic and/or Open Access formats.

Valu.Enews and Valu.Emag

The Research Magazine of the Valu.E Project was originally designed as a newsletter to inform the public interested in school evaluation issues in Italy about the project’s main achievements. Today, in addition to the methodological rigour of evaluation research in the educational field, contents are made easily accessible to the public compared to the traditional institutional communication and scientific research.